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Thursday, 19 July 2007


Having spent some time recently trawling the world of legal blogs - or 'blawgs' as they are called - I have been impressed by the diversity (there's that word again) of what's on offer. Moreover, many of the sites have linked to me, for which I am grateful.

I have updated my Links section to return the compliment, and moved it to make life easier. I don't want to review the blog of any law student, because some of them comment here and it's wholly invidious for them and for me. However, I do want to make it clear that I read them, enjoy them and then cite them when I am talking to other members of the Bar about the state of legal education and pupillage prospects.

Other blawgs seem to fall into three categories: professional; knowledge-based and lighter discursive/gossip. Of the first I disclaim entirely any knowledge of solicitor blogs, save where I have come across the site by accident - as with John Bolch (see below). As to barristers - Legal Beagle (http://legalbeagleuk.blogspot.com/) has her finger on the pulse and Pupilblog (http://pupilblog.blogspot.com/) will give you a valuable insight into what is to come.

Of the knowledge based category, Martin George (http://www.martingeorge.org/) and John Bolch (http://www.familylore.co.uk/) are worth a read. Both have an academic take but are far from dry and are reliable sources of up to date legal information (although this is NOT a warranty). In the interests of transparency I disclose that Martin has commented here.

Of the discursive/gossip blawgs, Charon QC (http://charonqc.wordpress.com/) and Geeklawyer (http://blog.geeklawyer.org/) seem to be the most widely read. Both have linked to me and have mentioned particular posts on particular ocassions. Charon has 'self-awarded' silk - a far easier and cheaper process than the one I went through, and much to be recommended in my view. Geeklawyer is a barrister who is clearly an IT person as well. They deal with issues around the law, gossip, polemic (especially Geeklawyer) and the - often intense - world of the blawgger.

Which brings me to Ruthie's Law (http://ruthieslaw.wordpress.com/). This is a site with solid posts on criminal law, by the eponymous Ruthie and her (purported?) co-blogger 'Victorian Maiden'. The latter writes as if she has had a diet of Barbara Cartland and Mr Pooter's Diary fed to her since birth. Ruthie has a devoted fan club and clearly knows every blawgger in the world. If you like that sort of thing (I do) you will enjoy yourself.

Finally Liadnan (http://liadnan.livejournal.com/) seems to be a lawyer but has a more general blog which includes comment on current events as well as legal matters. All very laid back and casual.

As far as I know I am the only Silk blogging, other than in an official/semi official capacity as at the Bar Council. Victorian Maiden is said to be a Silk (by Ruthie) but doesn't show up in my search of the Bar Directory. However, many blawggers are anonymous so it is difficult to tell who is who. I have no problem with anonymity or Noms de Plumes: this blog is up front because it offers advice about a serious subject.

What is interesting is that blawgs encourage equality - as Troubled Barrister so regularly demonstrates here :). That seems to me to be a good thing.

P.S. I meant to ask: can someone email and tell me how to make the description of the blog include the link to it? Other people do that and I am useless. I know I am asking for free advice but come on people - look below and tell me I'm not entitled. Thank you (whoever you are) in advance...

PPS: And a word for Nearly Legal who has commented on this post and reminded me about his (I think, but it might be her) blog and triggered my guilt complex (what the hell do you expect - I'm Jewish). And a final word for Martin George who has let me show off by both embedding a link and knowing what to call it.


Martin George said...

Thanks for the link, Simon.

I will be reciprocating as soon as I can figure out the best way of adding a blogroll (horrible word, as is "blawg") to a one-column blog design.

As for you being the only silk, blogging, Geoffrey Vos is still typing away on the Bar Council blog: http://blog.barcouncil.org.uk/index.php?blog=2

Or are you implying that Geoff isn't really a QC?!

Simon Myerson said...
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Simon Myerson said...

Whoops - I had forgotten the Bar Council blogs. My bad (as I gather one is now supposed to say). I have updated the post.

I agree with you about the ugliness of modern language but I worry that it is because I am getting old.

I would like to make it clear that Geoffrey Vos Queens Counsel is a magnificent lawyer, advocate, blogger and human being. That should do it.

Charon 'QC' said...


Very much appreciate the link.

Yes.... the idea of giving Silk to myself (which, of course, I am upfront about - as, indeed, I am about Charon being a figment of my imagination) seemed a good idea (a) as I am not a practitioner and therefore unable to get Silk (b) I don't exist as Charon and (c) most people know my real identity from various references and my real name being given on a few blogs!)

It is a useful device. at tim es, I prefer being Charon than Mike SP !

Thanks.... the advice on your site is excellent for students (I have been teaching law and publishing for over 25 years. I am getting on!)

barrister2b said...

Mike your revision tapes were great when I was doing my LLB.


Charon said...

barrister2b - thank you. Appreciated! not sure it is fair on Simon to use his board for this, though :-)

Mr Pineapples said...

Oh me Gawd....a bleedin' love-in. Stop lathering each others egos...it is making me feel queasy.

But - I have to say (getting the lather gun out) - Simone's Blawgg is the best on the Web.

Keep up the good work.

Simon Myerson said...

Thank you very much. However, avoiding a love in as you would wish me to do, if you misspell my name again it's the fruit salad for you.

Nearly Legal said...

Well, there goes my ego ;-) What with mine being the finest mostly housing law blawg in the UK (albeit by default) and everything.

I shall rise above your casual cruelty to say I do enjoy P&HTGI.

geeklawyer said...

Thanks for the mention. The 'some legal qualification' you mention is the possession of the degree of barrister (http://blog.geeklawyer.org/about-geeklawyer/). I am a lawyer first and a geek second.

Ruthie, who was my old coblogger, has assured me that MysteryQC is indeed a real QC.

Charon said...

Simon... I am pretty sure Nearly Legal is a bloke! Nearly Legal has quite a deep voice! I did a podcast with him.


Would you be interested in doing a podcast with Charon?

Simon Myerson said...

Podcast - interesting, although given my holiday arrangements it might have to wait until Sept. Also, I may have more to say then (cryptic again but not my fault). Email me about that if you are interested because we would need to discuss some delineation of what I can and can't talk about.

Liadnan said...

I am going to have to shake off this "laid back" accusation, I seem to hear it from everyone, in real life as well as on the internet.

I do happen to be a barrister (chancery practice) but I have never really sought to hold myself out as a blawger, as opposed to writing about whatever I find interesting or amusing from time to time.

Troubled barrister said...
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Anonymous said...

No - Moriarty was an evil GENIUS.