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Friday, 27 July 2007

Important Notice

When you comment and you are addressing me PLEASE call me Simon. It is my name. I don't need the 'Mr' and it makes me feel about 700 years old. I do understand that the intials can be intimidating and that students tend to feel that respect is due. So, look at it this way:
  1. I have teenage children. However you treat me, it will be respectful compared to what I am used to.
  2. There was a time when every barrister called every other by their surname. The reason was that this was a familiar mode of address - everyone was equal. Today's equivalent is first names.

Thank you - really, really.


Troubled barrister said...

I will remember that if you are ever my tribunal ;)

Anonymous said...

Many apologies Simon, I guess that means me! Just trying to be polite... If it helps, I only show respect to those I feel deserve respect. Unless I find myself in a courtroom or something like that! In this particular case, it's not that I was intimidated by the initials, intimidating though they may be!


Charon said...

Quite right!

Asked students years ago to address me by my first name... (my real one, as opposed to my blog pseudonym) and ended up being called "Mr Mike" by some... or, worse, "Mr Michael".... which made me sound like a hairdresser.

Debs said...

Ha, trust me to come across this blog after all my Park Court interviews! I'm now waiting 'till Wednesday to hear if I've got the pupillage. The tension is too much for me!
Best wishes Simon - thanks for hours of semi-productive blog-reading distraction,