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Friday, 21 September 2007

Administrative Note

I have no problem with anonymous comments, as I have repeatedly made clear. However, the thread on Universities below has got a little tangled. Can I therefore urge prospective commentators who wish to preserve anonymity to indulge their imaginations and give themselves a nom de plume? When I took Bar Finals one had to invent a name to show that one knew how to sign an Opinion and a Pleading. Thus was Lydia Dustbin born, although the late Fiona Dix-Dyer went one better and referred to herself as Kizmee Hardy throughout. Alternatively, you could be "Pissed-off Student" or "Future Brick Court Tenant". It just helps to make clear who is arguing with who.

Tomorrow is the Day of Atonement - no food or drink for 25 hours and a long time (in my case 10 hours plus) in the Synagogue. Quite apart from the spiritual benefits (religious people demonstrably live longer, which arguably says something about how much the Almighty wants us), I regard it as good training for preparing a long case. For those of you observing the holy month of Ramadan and currently fasting every day, I extend my admiration and hope that it brings the religious and spiritual benefits for which you pray.


Anisah said...

Hi Simon,

Thank you. I'm fasting and I find it a long day but its all good and certainly worth it! It does feel different to be nil by mouth. lol.

How did you find the long 25 hour fasting for Atonement?

Kind Regards,

Anisah said...

Oops I've only just realised you said it's tomorrow, Well, I hope it goes well..

Take Care

Barrister 2 B said...

Have a good fast. I will be spending part of my day at Jacksons row in Manchester :)

bvc-student101 said...

Just have a quick question - what are chambers views on scholarships, particularly major scholarships, and students who obtain them? I haven't got any pupillage interviews and I'm on the BVC, but have recieved no interviews which is slightly depressing to say the least!!! Also many thanks for a very informative blog!

scribbler said...

At an introductory talk I attended at my Inn I recall one of the speakers saying that most of those with major scholarships do obtain a pupillage. That doesn't mean that those without do not, but it certainly enhances your chances. It's a vote of confidence from a third party which is inevitably going to be looked upon favourably by chambers when considering who to interview for pupillage. There were people on my BVC however who did obtain pupillage but did not have any form of scholarship from their Inn, so it's not fatal if you haven't got one. P :-)

Anonymous said...

Either way, then, its fatal......( now more terrified than ever of the bi annual OLPAS boxing match)