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Thursday, 26 June 2008


This blog is on its holidays until the end of July. Any silence will, I trust, be forgiven. Have a good month - hope the exam results and the interview results go your way. Please let me know how you did. More, all being well, in August.


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, Simon.
(Don't work TOO hard!!!)

Mr Pineapples said...

well...I did very well thanks - for asking

Anonymous said...

Have a good holiday.

In terms of the transition from pupillage to tenancy, it would be interesting to have your thoughts on matters facing the very Junior Bar.

For example, how do you deal with situations whereby your brief is completely inadequate or if you ask for things to be done by your solicitor and they are not? Something on the reality of relationships with solicitors?

What about dealing with Judges who feel that because of your call you do not know what you are talking about? Or for example dealing with Judges who go to far or are not dealing with a case fairly?

The Bar has such diverse views on these matters that you can get a different answer from every pupil master approached.

Richard said...

I have always wondered - how does commenting on this blog work? Can we go back and comment on older posts, or is it only polite to wait for issues to come around again?

I ask because I was interested by some of your suggestions on the post 'MAs and Other Further Academic Degrees' (I am a tremendous pessimist and am already trying to find something to do for the post-BVC year, despite only being halfway through the part-time GDL...)

lawminx said...

It's always possible to email Simon directly with queries that you have - he is of fantastic help and has always answered my questions. It may be worth a try!

Law Minx said...

Hi Simon,
This is totally off topic, I'm afraid, but I am having horrendous problems with my blog - its been hijacked by a guy called Paul Masterson, and for the moment I can do nothing about it; my url has therefore changed - it is no longer lawminx.blogspot.com but minx610.blogspot.com, so you'll have to ammend your link to me, Im afraid!!
(*rushes off, stressed, to tell everyone else of this catastrophe*!!!)