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Monday, 13 August 2007

Deferral of Call Update

It's a busy day today. The BSB has now published its full report. Pupils are to be described as 'Pupil Barristers' and those who never undertook pupillage will not be on the online register at all. The scheme will, hopefully, come into force in January 2008.

Only the Young Barristers' Committee believed that call should be deferred. According to their response there is agreement as to the issues. It is simply that the YBC reaches a different conclusion.

In my view there are 2 cheers due here. Firstly it would have been a shame to lose the description pupil which, in my view, more accurately describes the position than the word 'trainee'. Secondly, deferral of call is a bad idea. However, the length of the exercise and its (presumed) cost are concerning. There should, in my view, be a better balance between transparency and speed/efficiency.

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Earth said...

I think trainee is far more accurate as that is what one is during the 12 months. A chambers I worked in used the term "trainee" and pupillage was a "traineeship". I guess traditionalists might find it hard to move away from the term "pupil" ;)