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Friday, 17 August 2007


This blog is on its holiday from early Sunday morning for 2 whole weeks. About 6 years ago I took my laptop away with me - never again. Holidays are about learning two things. Firstly to say 'I don't care' when someone tells you it's urgent. Secondly, that the world spins round even when you aren't in constant contact with it. Consequently there will be no posts, no comments, not even a postcard.

However, those who are here should feel free to comment as usual. Upcoming topics include the OLPAS form (suggestions for improvement gratefully received), CV's, how good is the BVC course, how good are the BVC providers, how helpful are mini-pupillages to the consumer and how best to spend the year in between applications. Plus any other topics you may like to suggest.

Now that you know what next year holds and things have calmed down a little I hope the next couple of weeks are about r'nr. Even if you didn't get an offer this year and are depressed (though determined to give it another go) you are entitled to a holiday. If you are starting in September/October, believe me you need one.

I am not a good enough person to hope that it stays dry and nice. When I leave the country I want the weather to justify my choice of holiday date. However, I am prepared to hope there are no more floods. Until September...


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

Have a wonderful Holiday; Hope the venue, the weather and the food (in no particular order of importance of course)make your stay throughly enjoyable!!
(Ps: I'll only trouble you with my thoughts on the Lergie that is OLPAS when you get home!)

Mr Pineapples said...

Simon - what a lazy bloke you are. At least take your Blackberry with you.

Fancy letting a holdiay get in the way of real life.

Quite disgraceful.

Mr Pineapples said...

Yes...and I did mean "holdiay"