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Thursday, 8 November 2007


Having just done a podcast with fellow QC Charon (not, however, in my Chambers), I am hyperventilating quietly. As I suspect is the case for most of us, my initial reaction on hearing myself speak is to wonder who that prat is. That was quickly followed by exactly the process I go through as I come out of Court; namely asking myself why I said what I said in the way that I said it and berating myself for not saying other things, whilst simultaneously wondering at my own idiocy (I know how many tenancies there are - 533 - so why did I say I didn't?). I also counted the number of times I said "uuummm", but stopped when I started crying.

If that is to give the impression I didn't enjoy it (surely not - Ed), that would be entirely false. Like most barristers I like the idea of being allowed to pontificate on things. The great American comic Tom Lehrer defines a philospher as someone who enjoys giving advice to people who are happier than he is. If the cap fits...

But do have a listen and see if it helps.


Charon QC said...

Simon... thank you for doing it.,

Of course, as everyone knows, you are a real QC.. and I just gave it to myself.... but, then again, I am a figment, a fiction.... not of the real world... or some may say, not even of this world, judging by some of my posts.

Good podcast... Thanks - Of course, I have the easy bit - the questions. Must be a change for you to answer questions :-)


Law Minx said...

Hi Simon,

I listened to your podcast with interest. It was good to hear you pull yout blogthoughts together in reasoned conversation - and it was nice, if a bit strange to put a face to the voice to the name!